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Our Story


From This Moment was established in January 2007. 

The story of how we became to set up our boutique bridal shop was a rocky one, but one that perfectly sums up our ethos and our dedication and commitment to our clients. 

We were previously employed by another shop. Sadly the owner, a close family friend died suddenly. The shop was left to his son and he just simply closed the shop pretty immediately not appreciating that this would leave brides, who had found their dream dress, without it, some only days from their wedding day. 

So we went a bit rogue and took the order books and the brides dresses that were in the store and made sure that every single bride who had trusted us, wasn’t let down. This meant hours spent contacting everyone, explaining the situation, reassuring them all and then setting up a make-shift bridal fitting room in our mum’s house until we could find premises and rebrand on our own. 

It was a very hectic time, but we couldn’t let any brides down. 

As stressful as that whole experience was, it’s made us who we are today. We are a unique boutique bridal shop because of our outstanding dedication and commitment to our brides and the industry. We are proud of how far we’ve come and even if brides don’t find their dream dress with us, it’s about their experience with us and that’s what makes us different. 

What Makes Us Different 

Hayley: We are true romantics at heart. We are passionate about weddings and love nothing more than that moment when our brides find their dream wedding dress. It’s such a special and important part of the wedding process and to be a part of that, is an honour. 

Claire: I love who we work with, our team spirit and the input we all have in the dresses we have in store. we each value each others opinion, taste and style and it’s visible in our collection of dresses. 

Diana: We extend our services to those brides who don’t even find their dress with us. The time we give our brides and the rapport that builds with them means that we genuinely care about their whole wedding experience. We are committed to keeping the boutique wedding industry flourishing and supporting all brides through their wedding planning experience is a crucial part of achieving this. 


The Wedding Dress Shopping Experience 

Hayley: Finding your wedding dress is probably the most important part of the wedding, aside from finding the perfect partner of course! 

We’ve seen a real shift the wedding dress shopping experience over the last year or so and it’s a little bit frightening. Wedding Dress Outlets are popping up and with it they are lowering the standards of what should be a really magical experience. 

Claire: Bridal Boutiques are having to compete with online prices and pop-up outlets, which means that we have a responsibility to ensure that we keep our standards high to ensure that brides are aware of the difference when shopping for their wedding dresses. 

Diana: It’s a shame because we’ve many so many brides over the years who have really been affected, whether emotionally or financially by various pop-up or online wedding dress shops. Brides usually miss out on that special feeling of searching for the one. There’s no one-to-one expertise and guidance with a bridal dress expert or even the luxury of a brand new dress which is made just for you. The whole experience can be really disheartening which is why pride ourselves in the experience, the dresses and the time that we give to our brides. 


Our Designers 

Hayley: When choosing wedding dress designers to represent in our store, we look for quality, the fit and structure and value for money. We want the best for our brides and always have them at the forefront of our minds when choosing our dresses for each season. 

Diana: We stock some of the finest and yet surprisingly affordable wedding dresses to cater for a wide range of brides styles and budgets.

Designers to Suit All Budgets

  • Sweetheart by Justin Alexander dresses are £800 and under 
  • Rebecca Ingram, part of the Maggie Sottero range are £1250 and under
  • Maggie Sottero dresses from £999-£1800
  • Sottero Midgely dresses from £1400- £2300
  • Maggie Sottero Additional Coverage, our Curve range, from £1400 to £2000

Claire: Our designers are committed to working with us and they listen to our feedback. They appreciate that brides budgets are lower than they perhaps once were but they want to still cater to everyone without compromising on quality or experience. Which is why we absolutely love Sweetheart by Justin Alexander and where the dresses are predominately under £800 and Rebecca Ingram (part of the Maggie Sottero Collection) where the dresses are £1250 and under. Both collections are consistently stunning and the quality and structure are amazing. There should be no compromise for the “budget conscious” bride when it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress. 


What We Look For In A Collection 

Hayley: This is why our team work so well. We each have such different tastes and styles that collectively we cater well to a range of people. I usually choose more quirky styles, but I’m always price conscious. 

Claire: I’m more traditional, romantic and safe I suppose when it comes to picking gowns. 

Diana: I look for the wow factor in our dresses, I always look for quality, but I like choosing the wild card and there’s nothing more exciting than seeing a bride in the showstopper of a dress I picked. 

Advice To Our Brides 

Hayley: However long you spend planning your big day, it will fly by in a blur. Always take a moment to step back and just watch. Enjoy every moment of the day because it will go by so quickly. 

Claire: Ask for help. Don’t get stressed trying to do everything yourself. Make sure you delegate so that you can enjoy as much of the day as possible. 

Diana: Enjoy the whole experience from start to finish. Every moment planning the big day is so special so it’s important to make the right choices and embrace it. 

To book your consultation with the From This Moment team call 020 3876 8049 or email